"I believe you may have forgotten that you are the greatest teacher you will ever have in your journey to health. You might seek tools, knowledge and practices that support your journey, but it's truly only what you're able to see and feel within yourself, that you are able to heal - in this way, the best source of information on your health you have, will always be you"
            Katie Holohan
  • Green Smoothie

    Nutritional Coaching

    Sports Specific or Health Goal Orientated Meal Planning

  • Audience and Lecturer

    Corporate Wellness

    Corporate and Community Education Programs

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    1:1 Consultations

    Naturopathic consults available face to face or via video call.

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In Clinic Face to Face

Mannering Park, NSW.


Online (via FaceTime / Zoom)

Aust. Wide (Corporate/Educational)

Mobile: 0414 892 258

Email: info@katieholohan.com

Web: www.katieholohan.com

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