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Personalised Pathology Analysis
What is a personalised pathology analysis?

Your personalised pathology analysis is an opportunity for you to receive a thorough report on your recent pathology results from a functional and optimal health perspective.

Sometimes we just desire a second opinion, sometimes we are being told everything is 'fine' but we don't feel well and want to check things haven't been missed, and in other cases we order private pathology but aren't sure how to read the results ourselves so would like a professional opinion.

In Australia, the reference ranges on laboratory pathology tests are often wide, and are a reflection of the average results from all those who have been tested at that particular lab. Because these reference ranges are created by averages, sometimes they don't reflect 'optimal levels for particular seasons of life (for example in pre-conception or pregnancy), and sometimes they just don't reflect feeling amazing at all... because they are the average of all the people who get their blood taken (aka, mostly people who feel unwell or have symptoms).

Let's give an example of the variation in these ranges:

'Total B12' has a range of (300-650) in Australia through most labs, so unless you fall outside this range, your GP will likely say your B12 is 'fine'. According to optimal or functional pathology standards however, B12 will ideally sit at 600+!

Your personalised pathology report looks at your age, medical history, current concerns and goals and then reports on your results from the perspective of thriving, not merely surviving!

What does the report cover?

Your pathology analysis will include a table comparing your results with suggested optimal or ideal levels for each pathology marker you have had tested.

Alongside those listed markers, will be comments providing possible explanation for why your result may be high or low, or any conditions or health states where we would commonly see a result pattern the same as your own.

Underneath the table of results, you will also receive an overall analysis statement which could include recommendation for essential follow up testing (e.g. if a particular blood test has been missed that could provide you more information based on your current results or symptoms), recommendation for diagnostic investigation (the report does not diagnose, but will make mention if your results point to a particular condition), and/or recommendation for particular treatment or management. The report does not include prescriptions or dosages, rather suggestions that you may like to consider, for example: "It would be recommended to explore supplementation of Vitamin D, in the form of Vitamin D3, and re-test in 3 months or until optimal levels are obtained".

How do I access blood testing/my results?

This pathology analysis report is specifically for reviewing results you already have, and doesn't include referral for testing.

N:B you can collect your test results either by phoning the GP or medical practitioner who referred you for them and asking for a copy, or alternatively, if you log into your account and you did not 'opt out' of the health records section, you may find you have results sitting inside there that you can download.

If you are yet to have testing, and need individualised advice for testing, it's best to book in for a full Naturopathic consultation so we can investigate according to your needs.

If you would like to order some private pathology (without attending a GP), services such as provide great, basic options for a general check in for $20-50, or you can elect for more thorough testing outside of medicare via 

Step 1: Gather your pathology results

Step 2: Hit the button 'Book your pathology analysis' below

Step 3: Select ANY day or time in the calendar (you do not need to be available, this is simply an administrative process to add you into our client management system).

Step 4: After making payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to an intake form where you will provide some information on your medical history and current completed.

Step 5: Email your pathology results to '' for your report to be completed.

Step 6: You will receive your report as soon as possible, however always within 10 business days.

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