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Women's Wellness Plans
Working Together

Have you been looking for a more natural way to support your body, your hormonal health, energy, mood or optimise your health for pregnancy and motherhood?

Are you curious about a holistic, body-led approach to mental wellbeing, to improving your relationships or lifting your self worth and esteem?

I'd so love to get to know you and help you access that.

I work with women in a deeply supportive and integrative way, bringing together many modalities of care and education. Individual to you, we will take a functional look into your health (including pathology, nutrition, genetics, metaphysics and lifestyle), and into your emotional wellbeing to support you toward finding the most vital, thriving and happy manifestation of yourself.

Consultations are 75mins, and can include naturopathic care, functional nutritional advice, emotional wellbeing coaching, EFT and/or reiki. Consultations start at $185.00.

Working in this way is intimate, and thus availability is limited; the Being Woman membership is also an option available for access into my inner women's community and is SO worthy of joining (have a look below).


Being Woman

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Your online home for reclamation & remembering as a Woman x

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