Being Woman;

Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and held among other women who want to feel it too.

A place to reconnect with your femininity.

Your place to find the joy and power in your womanhood.

Women's Group Mentoring Program

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Next live round begins Sept 20th

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Periods, Pleasure, Self Expression & Womanhood.

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Being Woman is an intimate, 8 week group program designed to reignite your feminine spirit.

It's for the woman who desires reconnection to, and safety within her female body.

It's a journey of education, embodiment, self-care and sisterhood.

An exploration of women's hormones, listening to our bodies, cultivating your identity and self confidence.

Perfect for you if you are wanting intimate support on your health, emotional body and relationships as a woman, but the 1:1 mentorship has felt out of reach.

What is 'Being Woman'?

Topics Covered Include

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Menstrual Cycles



Hormone Health



Finding Joy

Self Worth

Pleasure &


  • LIVE Zoom Sister Circles each week (recorded and provided for you to keep forever).

  • Invitation into the 'Being Woman' private community FOREVER (a community of women from all rounds of Being Woman with guest expert appearances, further teachings, book reviews, & group moonology/astrology support.

  • Future invite-only offers for 'Being Woman' Immersive Retreats.

  • Opportunity to upgrade to V.I.P Program for 1:1 with Katie.

  • Empowered self-reliance that you'll be able to apply to ALL areas of your life.

More of the Details...

Investment: $690-

Let's Answer Your Questions

Will I be able to keep the education and videos forever?
- Yes, you will be able to download and keep all the content FOREVER!

What times are the live calls and what if I can't make it?
- The Zoom calls are usually decided on between each unique group of women so that as many of you are available as possible to be live with us. There's no need to worry however, because they are all recorded and available to you via replay.

I'm really struggling with hormonal symptoms or period concerns, will the program help with that?
- Absolutely. Together we work through modules that help you feel empowered and educated about your cycles, how they affect your day to day life and the many different symptoms and conditions that women can experience. Included in the course content is plenty of education on the causes of hormonal imbalances, how to review your own pathology and testing and how we can support ourselves to have healthy cycles.

What age group is this program for?
- Honestly, there's so much positive emotional wellbeing and empowerment in this program that even if you were past menopausal age you would benefit, in the last round we had women who varied in age from 18-52 years.

I'm not so sure about being in a group container...
- These groups are SAFE and intimate. The group is held in absolute confidentiality and has my whole support. While I love when the women share with one another, there is also no obligation or shame in deciding that sharing isn't for you.