Being Woman

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Your online membership for reclamation & remembering as a Woman x


Being Woman is a gathering of like minded women within a supported, online membership space designed to take you on a journey to reclaim and remember the power of your womanhood.


Women like YOU will join Being Woman, to take better care of your physical health, emotional well being and relationships

(with yourself and with others around you).


Each month we’ll unravel deep wisdom from many teachings, including hormonal health, menstrual cycle awareness, self worth, pleasure, purpose, sex, boundary setting, astrology, feminine and masculine archetypes, and ancient Ayurveda and herbal medicine practices.


We’ll be joined by guest experts in all areas of embodiment with the body, including breath work, creative arts, dance, and somatic healing.


Although, despite all this deliciousness, the most precious healing you’ll take from Being Woman, will be your connection to sisterhood. An inclusive, safe and nourishing space for you to join with women of the same intention; a space to form friendships inside the collective, that you will go on to grow into lifelong soul-connections.

Topics Covered Include

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Menstrual Cycles



Hormone Health



Self Worth

Pleasure &


and much more...

Coming together in sisterhood as adult women, is the soothing we often need for the teenage girl living inside all of us. The teenage girl who may have at times, sabotaged other women, competed with other women or felt let down by other women in her early years. I know you’ve felt this teenage girl from inside your woman self many times before, and it’s time you give her a space to heal. 


We’re creating a trust-building sisterhood where there is safety to be all that you need to be, to show up exactly AS YOU ARE NOW, even if there are still parts of you that you’d like to work on changing.


Being Woman, will become an ever-growing space where you will discover monthly workshops, a library of resources (think cycle tracking charts, journaling, meditations and more) regular audio drop-ins from me (Katie!), a space to privately share your experiences or ask questions with me, a group socials space (not on IG or Facebook, but a privately hosted, exclusive members area), monthly women’s circles and so much more.


If you’re here reading this, something about this space has already called you in my dear. There’s something here you need, and your eyes are likely scanning the page looking for the exact ‘ready moment’, where you’ll decide it's YES. I’m here to let you know this is it, this is the sign.

You don’t need my permission, you only need YOURS, something you’ll find more and more of inside this healing space: SELF PERMISSION.

The Being Woman Community isn’t a space you are about to click YES on, only to simply forget about it; this will be a space for you to be nourished, activate your creativity, feel excited to learn in and to use as a self-growth and empowerment field that you can tap into at any time.





  • You’re searching for more information to support your own physical and hormonal health as a woman,

  • You’re on a journey of self-discovery and of remembering, of wanting to reclaim your authenticity, self-power and passion,

  • You’re yearning for a sisterhood to immerse in; a space to be held by many women with like-minded intentions, there only to support and lift you higher,

  • You’ve been longing to connect deeper with me (Katie!), and learn more of my naturopathic wisdom and mentorship advice, however one on one work hasn’t been accessible as yet,

  • Your relationships could be deeper, more meaningful and more supportive; we’ll work through a lot of personal development that will directly support your relationship with yourself and others,

  • You love (or want to discover) sound healing, breath work, astrology, herbal medicine, dance and so much more healing for that body of yours, 

  • You’re ready to give yourself permission, you’re the only one who has to allow it, it’s all here waiting for you sister, you just have to take it for yourself.


BEING WOMAN is a membership space you can join NOW and access anytime. Replays for every call ever hosted, and all the PDF material to support are waiting for you inside the members library now.


You can join us via fortnightly or monthly payments, or save by paying your six months upfront.


$528 AUD
upfront payment


click the options below to join via your preferred option for your 6 months access






How long do you recommend being in the membership?

The membership space is a minimum six month commitment. This allows honouring for both you receiving a wide variety of content across the months you have access, and allows the financial investment of the program to remain accessible for many more women.


How will I access the content and workshops?

All of the content and workshop links will be provided to you within a secure, members-only area of this website. This space will hold all our goodies and will be able to be accessed 24hrs a day whilst you are an active member of the space. You will also be able to download much of the written content to keep forever.


I’m really busy/a Mum, will I be able to keep up with the content?

Absolutely! Every LIVE workshop and call will be recorded and be available for replay and any content available in the library will remain accessible all of the time. You can absolutely catch up on any of the membership materials at any time that suits you. The membership space isn’t a program you need to complete in any order, rather you’ll be able to click into any module you’d like at any time.


How accessible will the program be if I am hearing impaired?

We will absolutely ensure that any video or audio content can also be accessed via written material, so if this is something you need, please reach out.

I identify as a woman within the LGBTQIA+ community and I'd love to join, is this an inclusive space?

Absolutely! If you feel called to be a part of this space, you are welcome. I am still learning more about the most inclusive language to use (so I appreciate your grace on this). It is important to know that much of the course material is specific to female hormone profiles and biologically female body parts. Please reach out if we can assist any further with this.

Do you offer change of mind or refunds?

We have full trust and confidence in this space and the value provided to you here, so all sales are full and final. Don't worry, you won't want to leave us!