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Managing Menorrhagia

Do you have a heavy period? Heavy periods are very common, but many women don't even realise that they can be a problem, or that there is anything they can do to change them! If you've always had a 'heavy period', and you don't discuss your flow with friends or even your health provider, you may not know just how 'heavy' your periods actually are, and you may even think it's just your 'normal'. For some of you, you'll know you had a much lighter flow previously, and you've noticed something has changed. Either of these scenarios can lead you to feeling alone, uncomfortable, fatigued and contribute to other conditions such as iron deficiency. The truth is, a 'normal' amount of bleeding is only around 3-5 tablespoons. - If you're relying on 'super' menstrual products or doubling up tampons/pads/period underwear at the same time, - If you're needing to get up through the night to change pads, - If your bleeding is affecting your relationships, capacity to work, socialise or exercise, - If you're seeing obvious or large clotting, - If you're changing menstrual products as often as 1-2 hourly, it's likely your periods are much heavier than 'normal'. In this 90 minute LIVE Masterclass we cover: - How to measure our bleeding, what's normal and what's not. - The root causes of heavy menstrual bleeding. - The testing we can consider. - What to do next and how to address your symptoms now. *Please note this masterclass is a recorded upload of a LIVE workshop that took place

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