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Female Foundations

Female Foundations is a five class Masterclass series covering the female sex-education we all wish we’d actually received in high school. The series covers physical and emotional anatomy of a woman’s body, shame, conditioning, self responsibility, self empowerment, the menstrual cycle and hormonal functioning for a woman and also a comprehensive understanding of natural fertility awareness methods (FAM). This series of five masterclasses is eye-opening, engaging and will leave you feeling inspired to honour your wellness as a woman more than ever. The intention of the series is to fill the gaps many women have in education about how their body, their hormones, their cycle and their emotions work as a woman so they can live a self-empowered and self-responsible life when it comes to their wellness. This series is powerful and will change your entire perspective on women’s health care. I only wish it could be in the hands of every single woman.

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