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Understanding Iron Deficiency in Kids

Understanding Iron Deficiency in Kids is a comprehensive Masterclass to help you as a parent feel confident in both identifying and directing the treatment of your child's iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is becoming more common in children, and as such a crucial nutrient for development and well being, it's essential we address it correctly and quickly. Symptoms of iron deficiency such as big emotions, anxiety, emotional outbursts, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, frequent colds and illness and even sleep issues are often missed and blamed as being a 'normal' part of childhood. It's important as a parent to know exactly how much iron your child requires and be able to determine if they are receiving enough through their diet. Treatment of iron deficiency at the GP often involves only prescription for synthetic iron supplements, with little to no investigation for the cause of the deficiency. This masterclass will not only help you with understanding the best form of supplement with the greatest absorption for your child, but beyond that you will learn about the underlying root causes and how to investigate treatment beyond an iron pill.

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