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Optimal Pathology

Feeling helpless at the doctors office when you’re told your results are ‘fine‘ but you still feel terrible, is becoming more common. In reviewing pathology, there is a huge difference between results that indicate the client is ‘surviving’ and results that reflect a woman who is ‘thriving’. In this 2 hour, comprehensive masterclass I want to teach you how to tell the difference. I want you to reclaim your right to be thriving, by having the information you need to know where your results (and health) can be improved and the indicators to look for when it comes to feeling your best. In this class we will cover: - Pathology testing guidelines in Australia (why won’t my GP just order the tests for me, and why are the reference ranges so wide?). - Testing for accurate results (when should I test, should I be fasting, what days of the month do I test my hormones?) - A close look at optimal ranges for your full blood count, biochemistry, thyroid panel, iron studies + other key nutrients, lipid profile (cholesterol), inflammatory markers, blood glucose + insulin, and the female hormone profile. - Variations in results (i.e. how our results might change if we have a virus, inflammation, are postpartum, or have a potential genetic condition). - Where else and how else we can obtain pathology testing in Australia aside from via our GP or under the Medicare system and WHY we would consider this. You will finish this masterclass EXCITED to review your own and your family’s results.

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