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The Body & Your Mind

Come and learn more with me about how the physical body can be impacting your mood. Is it anxiety, mood swings and depression, or is it actually symptoms of nutrient deficiency, thyroid dysfunction or out of balance hormones? If you’ve been experiencing anxiety or depression, or you’ve been diagnosed with any mental health condition, this masterclass contains the essential you need to explore how your physical body could be impacting your mental health. Did you know low iron, low B12, and or an overactive thyroid can all be the root cause to anxiety? Did you know slower thyroid function, low vitamin D, low zinc or low omega fatty acids can all cause depression? When we head off to the GP or psychologist for support with our mental health, most of us receive very little or no education on just how significant of an impact our physical health could be having on the way we feel emotionally. If we’re being referred to a psychologist or being prescribed an SSRI medication due to our mental health, but we’re not being thoroughly examined physically, having our bloodwork tested, or receiving any nutrition advice, then we’re being let down. Perfect for self-empowered mental health care, or for providers who would like to better inform their clients. Included: - Live Masterclass with Q&A - TUES AUG 8TH, 7:00PM AEST (you do not need to attend live + will receive the replay). - Downloadable symptom, blood pathology and nutrient checklists for self-assessment.

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