Well done you! Every time one of you says YES to joining this journey, my heart expands a little further; I can only hope that over the next weeks and months, yours will too!

Consider this our little garden-tending page; a space for me to provide you with a welcome and any pre-launch updates, and for you to confirm a few details with me so I know the best ways to support you.

Have a little look below and reach out to me if I can answer any questions.


Katie xx

We'll begin here...

Join The Community

We have a private app community for connecting with the other women, to provide live updates and of course so you can be in direct contact with me.

When you join this space, the log in details you choose (the email you use), will become your log in for your members only access to my website. The members only space will open on Jan 2nd, so for now, jump over to the app and enjoy the community.


Meet Ineka,

Next on the list, I'd love you to scroll back to the top of this page and lay your eyes over the gorgeous woman I have beside me in the photo; this is Ineka.

Ineka is our community support manager, so you will receive some love from her in a few different ways during your BEING WOMAN journey.

We will both be working together to support you and love on you the best ways we can.

You'll mostly see Ineka updating you in the private app space.

Can I Grab Some Details?

Last on the agenda, I'd love to confirm a few details with you. I'd love to double confirm your postal address, know your birthday and ask a couple of questions that might help me support your journey.

If you click HERE, that should open a questions box for you to complete.

Thank you so kindly in advance for this!


Bring on Jan 2nd, 2022!

I'm so looking forward to connecting closer with you. In the interim, look out for your welcome gesture in the post, don't forget to save Dec 16th for our bonus call, and please do introduce yourself with a photo and a warm Hello! in the private spaces app.

We'll chat again soon, Katie xx