28 Days to

Reclaiming Your Vibration

Your 28 day virtual home for reclaiming your feminine essence.

We (women), have become lost in our own world, we're feeling disconnected from our bodies, our bleed and our beauty - we're nervous to talk about it, we're desensitised to feeling it (all of it - our cycles, our emotions, our enjoyment and lust for life and pleasure) and we're not being given the education (about our anatomy, our biology, our hormones and our being) that was once sacred tribal wisdom.

Is this for you?

​'I'm a woman who wants to re-connect with her body'. You're wanting to understand your female body anatomy, feel educated on her workings (periods, cycles, hormones), and work with your flow. You're tired of not truely honouring your body, and you're only just discovering what listening to her whispers could really feel like.

'I've lost touch with or want to embrace my feminine energy'. I'm holding back on my woman side, I'm giving to others in life, in love, in my job and in pleasure and I'm unsure how to take some of this back for myself. I'm nervous or curious to explore this feminine essence, remember my FULL BODY YES and embrace it, but I also cant help but feel drawn in to wanting more of it for myself.

'I'm ready to commit to RECLAIMING my Periods and my Pleasure and I want to go ALL IN'

The Commitment: 

28 Days.

Internet + Facebook Access

A desire and energy to be vulnerable, really show up for yourself and feel the support of other women.

An open mind; ready for weekly education, live calls, guest experts, virtual dance parties and a change in your relationships (with your body, your mind, your pleasure, your periods & your intimacy).

A one-off investment into yourself of $280.

Application of Interest


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