What Is Limiting You?


Have you taken the time to decide what it really is that is limiting you and then brainstormed what it would look like to be able to change that?

Lately for me it has been fatigue and having a completely FULL brain space - zero processing memory left. Usually this would mean wanting to tuck myself into the corner of the couch, ignore my phone, my computer and put off activities like exercise.

What helps to turn that around so I don't end up some kind of permanently fixed couch cushion? 1. Knowing my limit and it's causes -fatigue and overwork. 2. Writing lists and allocating time slots to complete tasks, but also for guilt free relax time. 3. Understanding that taking my herbs and supplements helps me to manage. 4. Recognising that one of my limits to exercise can often be pain - back pain for me, and that this is also relieved by exercise- just the right kind and that in turn, helps my energy.

I've been doing yoga and stretching for a week because I realised my back pain was contributing to a lack of sleep, pain during work and study and to my lack of motivation to exercise, and then this afternoon I took these cuties for a run and it was a breeze.

Identifying ways to help yourself is the key to your own happiness. If you're feeling unmotivated, tired, in pain, lousy or just generally under the weather, see if you can brainstorm what is limiting you and then further, what or who might be able to help you shift it so you don't become stuck to the couch like your favourite fluffy cushion.


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