Super-charged Seed Quiche

VEGE LOADED QUICHE WITH QUINOA WRAP BASE 🥘 This one is so tasty and SO good for you!

Shop for: wraps, eggs and literally any vegetables you like.

Just use the wrap of your choosing, mine was an organic quinoa flour wrap found in Woolworths now, lay them to make a base to your quiche dish, or to mini muffin trays for a fast freezable, protein snack for work/school!

Tip: Choice of wrap can keep this recipe gluten and wheat free.

Fry up some veges of your choice, I used pumpkin, shallots, capsicum, mushrooms, chilli, zucchini and corn 🌽 with some garlic and parsley.

Throw it all into a bowl with 6-7 raw eggs and a dash of milk of your choosing (I used oat milk to keep this dairy free), mix, season and pour over the wrap base. I also threw in a heap of baby spinach at this point.

I topped mine with a heaps of sesame, sunflower and pepita seeds (for bonus vitamins and minerals).

Takes only about 12-15 mins in a pre-heated oven (170deg) and the wraps go nice and crunchy.

Serve it with whatever you like, homemade sweet potato chips or salad 🥗Yum!



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