Summer, Sunshine and Sunscreen!

Do You Know What's In the Products You Use on Your Baby? You'll want to share this one with all of your 'baby besties'. 👶🏼

It's 30 degrees here today and it's a Sunday. For most of us here in Australia we take the opportunity to have a family day, and usually that means enjoying the summer weather by the beach or the pool 🌊☀️😎Amazing!!

Being Australian, whilst we know some sun is crucial for maintaining Vitamin D levels, we also have an intimate understanding of how important it is for us to be sun safe. We know we should cover up, watch what times of the day we expose our skin to the sun and apply sunscreen that protects us from UVA (skin damaging, wrinkle causing rays) and UVB (more intense, sun-burning rays) and ensure that our suncream is at least SPF 30+.

What we may not know, is that many of the suncreams that we apply to our skin have some harmful ingredients that are best avoided for health and environmental reasons. Because we apply these creams so liberally to our largest organ (our skin), these harmful ingredients are very quickly absorbed and can be detected in our urine and blood very shortly after application. Having soft, sensitive skin, our babies and children are even more susceptible to the effects of some of these yucky ingredients, but because they are young - they also NEED the most protection.

So here it is -

TOP LIST OF INGREDIENTS TO AVOID: 🔻Oxybenzone – this chemical is absorbed through the skin and reaches the bloodstream where it can act like estrogen in the body. It can also trigger allergic skin reactions. 🔻Octinoxate (Octylmethoxycinnamate) – can act like estrogen in the body. 🔻Homosalate – can disrupt hormones. 🔻Octocrylene – can cause allergic skin reactions. 🔻Methylisothiazolinone – this common ingredient is a skin sensitizer and can contribute to allergic skin reactions. It is best to avoid the use of this ingredient. 🔻Sunscreens with Vitamin A – it may speed the development of skin concerns when used on the skin in direct sunlight. It may appear on labels as vitamin A, retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, retinyl linoleate or retinol. 🔻Added insect repellents. 🔻The David Suzuki Foundation recommends avoiding common cosmetic ingredients that can be toxic, including parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol and sodium laurel sulphate. Sourced from:


✔️Zinc Oxide ✔️Titanium Dioxide

MY TOP PICKS (Sun Safe, Eco Friendly and Natural Ingredients Safe for the Family).

😁Wotnot Naturals Sunscreen 😁MooGoo Skin Care Sunscreen - MY FAVOURITE 😁Badger Balm Sunscreen

There are also many many more, do your research and find what works for you, but please make sure it is certified to at least SPF30+.

Share with all of your 'baby bestie' parents and be safe, happy, healthy and toxin free in the sun this summer.


© 2020 - Katie Holohan Naturopathy 

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