So Busy It's Almost Laughable? - My Top 5 Tips for a Nutrition Boost with Little to No Effort!

So busy it's almost laughable? MY TOP 5 TIPS for getting a nutrition boost without the effort - for you and for the kids!

1. Add seeds to EVERYTHING! Keep them in jars or ziplock bags in the fridge (this protects their fatty acids) and sprinkle into salads, into omelettes, on the top of slices, over vegetables, in your oats, EVERYWHERE! -Friday night and all you have energy to whip up are a few cheese toasties? Add a decent sprinkle of sesame seeds to the cheese layer, kids won't even notice!

2. Head off to the health food store and purchase a bag of Nutritional Yeast! Use this as a Parmesan cheese alternative! This nutritional boost can be sprinkled into curries, soups, onto spag bol and is full of Vit B12!!

3. Make some cool 😎 swaps - one of my favourites is to try banana 'nice-cream'. Freeze chopped bananas, blend them up, can add some coconut milk if you like and voila! Banana ice cream with a nutrition tick! Top with your favourite nuts, a drizzle of honey or something fun for the kids!

4. Try Tahini! Or... other nut butters of your liking. There's almond, cashew, hazelnut, peanut and as long as you're choosing the 100% nut spreads then they are little nutritional protein and healthy fat boosts that you totally need in your life! A tablespoon of Tahini over steamed green veges will change the way you look at snow peas for life!! Peanut butter on apple slices 🍎

5. Take note of what oils you use and use them! Cooking: I love coconut or grapeseed oil - these guys have a high smoke point which means the fats in the oil won't become rancid as fast when exposed to high temperatures! For everything else: Extra Virgin Olive Oil - with lemon juice and a tablespoon of that new Tahini you just bought = the most delicious salad dressing!!

Which will you try first?

Have a happy, healthy, nutrition-boosted week! ☀️🍎🍌🥑



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