My Top Five Baby Sleepy Time Tips

Who is spending hours rocking, nursing and bottom-patting to promote sleepy time that still doesn't keep baby down?

Our little ones have much shorter sleep cycles than us - they sleep in short cycles of deep sleep, only 30-50 minutes, as a biological safety mechanism. It's easier for baby to wake more often than older children and adults while they transition out of this deep sleep into lighter sleep phases, as this occurs many more times throughout a night for an infant.

- My TOP 5 Baby Sleepy Time Tips! 👶🏼 -

1. Try a Warm Magnesium Bath. Add some Magnesium Flakes (any good health food store and some chemists) to your child's night time bath 🛀🏼 Magnesium helps to relax the muscles and settles the nervous system. It promotes sleep and rest in the body.

2. 5 Minutes of Comfort Touch. Dim the lights and give your bub or toddler a 5 minute gentle face and head massage or better yet, try some baby foot reflexology - there are a lot of great guides on the net. Check out the pics in the comments!

3. Aromatherapy. If you have a diffuser, you could use this in bub's room with some lavender and chamomile essential oils. You could also put a drop of oil on the pillow before bed time. Just remember, baby skin is very sensitive so essential oils (even diluted) anywhere directly on baby's skin, is probably best avoided. Or try Badger Balm's 'Night Night Sleep Balm'

4. Dim The Lights Once the top three are complete, if baby is not going straight to bed, limit any bright lights (even household ceiling lights) or time near electronics (yep, unfortunately means it's probably not ideal to check Facebook on your phone while you have your babe near). The blue light in these will trick your littlies' brain into not producing as much melatonin - a hormone we need to promote sleepy time.

5. Consider Food! Kids need enough protein and complex carbs in their evening meal to be able to sleep soundly for longer. This prevents a blood sugar drop that might instinctually wake baby up. Or, if you're a breastfeeding mumma, consider stimulants in your diet. Caffeine has a half-life of up to 80 hours in an infant!!!!!!!!!!!

If you think this might be a concern for the older kids who are up a little later: Try a banana sliced in half length-ways with some 100% nut butter Or a whole grain rice cake with a slice of cheese for an after dinner snack.

If these 5 tips fail to help you and your babe; occasionally, children who are hyperactive, restless, or unable to settle easily can be showing signs of a dietary intolerance that is causing some over-stimulation of their nervous and immune systems. If your child is showing any other signs of this such as a bloated tummy, diarrhoea or constipation, poor concentration/ headaches or skin breakouts of eczema or dermatitis then it may be worth speaking to a professional for more advice.


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