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3 Consult Program

Let's get you started working toward being well. In this program we'll typically work together for 4-6 weeks, spreading out your three consultations on a schedule unique to your goals, working to clear up your current concerns and have you well on your way to a long term plan for wellness. We'll cover all aspects physical health as well as provide you with some insight and care for your emotional wellbeing and mindset if that's relevant for you.

Program Investment $399


5 Consult Program

A real shift toward optimum wellness for you. In this program we'll typically work together for 6-8 weeks, spreading out your five consultations on a schedule unique to your goals. This program really allows for extra care of chronic or long-standing health conditions, comprehensive education on nutrition or lifestyle mentor-ship. This program is fantastic for complete support where accountability and a more relational support might be beneficial, such as weight management, chronic pain, anxiety or mental health.

Program Investment $650


Women's Complete Wellness

This program allows for your complete wellness, education and support in 'being Woman'.

My ultimate women's care package.

A sacred opportunity to care for your body, mind and soul - complete with Naturopathic and Nutritional support, additional resources such as journalling guides, charts for your menstrual cycle care and meditations, and an opportunity for relationship,self-love, body image and emotional wellbeing mentoring and EFT (emotional freedom technique sessions).

Designed to change your entire relationship to yourself and your body.

 A six week program including 1:1 consultations, mentorship, additional educational/guiding resources, EFT sessions.

Total transformation awaits.

Program Investment $1100

What will my consultations involve?

Your consultations will usually include full case taking, (including a full medical history, symptom history, diet and lifestyle snapshot), pathology analysis (if you have any recent testing results, please bring these along), in-house testing and assessment (may include, Iridology, Ph testing, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Urinary Analysis, Skin, Hair, Tongue and Nail Analysis) and  recommendations for further testing.

Together, we use this information to discuss a direction for care based on your personal health/wellbeing goals.

The outcome of recommendations from your consultation may include prescription of supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle advice, emotional wellbeing/mindset mentoring or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and referral if appropriate.

Can I book a single consultation with you?

For new clients, in most cases we work together in a wellness program for you. This provides us an opportunity to provide you long-lasting care and change and also allows us to develop a relationship. I like to get to know you and ensure you have the opportunity to finish your care with me feeling optimally well, long-term.

How long we work together will depend on the spacing between our consultations, and is unique in each case.

You are able to reach out to me (just click the link above to book a free call to chat) if you aren't sure that you need a program or if you'd like a custom program for your care.

There is also an option available for an ACUTE CONSULTATION, available both online and face-to-face in the clinic for when you are feeling acutely unwell (with a virus for example) or perhaps stressed/sleep deprived as a result of a short-term or recent event (like exams/moving house), to provide you some immediate support. These sessions are 30 mins in length and can be booked in here ONLINE  or FACE-TO-FACE.


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