Is your company promoting a healthy workplace?

A worker's health status has a direct impact on their productivity and absenteeism at work.

'(In Australia) 3.2 work days per worker, are lost every year as a direct result of workplace stress' - Medibank,2018

 Get the best from

your staff or community group.

Improve productivity, engagement and retention rates.

'For every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing, you (an organisation) can save $5.81' - Health Benefits Fund, 2019

Lunch & Learn Education

Engage staff with short seminar or workshop style presentations on reducing stress, managing fatigue and improving health outcomes.

Movement and Mindfulness Workshops

Team your educational seminar with a practical movement or mindfulness component to reduce the burden of stress, improve teamwork, staff morale and individual fitness.

Nutritional Seminars &  Demonstrations

Empower your people with the tools and education they need to eat well in the workplace; prevent the 3pm

'sugar craving slump'.

Community Wellness Programs

Programs are available for schools, nursing homes and community groups that can incorporate any of the listed service offerings; just in your community, rather than the office.

In-House 1:1 Wellness Coaching

1:1 Health checks and coaching can be a great way to improve the health of your employees and your business.

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